Michael Clarke Dance Company - 2015


Michael Clarke Dance Company - 2015
Michael Clarke Dance Company – Glastonbury 2015.  Performing to David Bowie.

Welcome to Festival Pictorial, a small pictorial account of what makes live music and the arts such an important part of our lives.  The galleries are a selection of festivals and live gigs and will be updated when time allows.  For those interested, the older shots were mostly taken on a Canon 40D, although the oldest were probably on an EOS 1N film body.  The more recent shots were taken on a 5Diii with a 70-200 mk ii 2.8 or a 17-40 f4 (soon to be upgraded to a faster 24-70 mk ii 2.8).  As the site grows I hope to be able to share a few tips on concert photography – at least enough to get you started.

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